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Welcome to our blog, where we document the unending shenanigans of our family and friends. Some of the content herein may seem far fetched, but almost all of our tribe loves adventure and living life to the fullest. You have been warned…

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The Big Easy

Long post coming, but even the PG-13 version of our New Orleans adventure is worth the read. When you see us in person, and after you sign a non-disclosure agreement, then we can share the unabridged version. We made the drive to New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday morning covering the nearly 500 miles before noonContinue reading “The Big Easy”

The Stars at Night…

A little delayed in this posting but we have been adventuring and making sure there is plenty of content for the blog. We stayed at the Armadillo Ale Works Wednesday night, which doubles as a coffee house so the morning work and school sessions were made easier with some really good local coffee. This wasContinue reading “The Stars at Night…”

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