Here are the ramblings of a family of four as we make our way across the country with our dog Lucky, a “Big Red” truck, and a trailer named “Ollie” that we stole from my parents.

from left to right – Jesse, Connor, Caden, Lucky, Lisa

The Big Easy

Long post coming, but even the PG-13 version of our New Orleans adventure is worth the read. When you see us in person, and after you sign a non-disclosure agreement, then we can share the unabridged version. We made the drive to New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday morning covering the nearly 500 miles before noonContinue reading “The Big Easy”

The Stars at Night…

A little delayed in this posting but we have been adventuring and making sure there is plenty of content for the blog. We stayed at the Armadillo Ale Works Wednesday night, which doubles as a coffee house so the morning work and school sessions were made easier with some really good local coffee. This wasContinue reading “The Stars at Night…”

I’m Your Huckleberry

We managed a campsite late on Thursday night about 10 miles up a well-kept dirt road in the Dragoon Mountain range just outside of Tombstone, Arizona. The drive up wasn’t too bad, even in the dark and we found a secluded campsite that was recommended by a local. The place was perfect, and we hadContinue reading “I’m Your Huckleberry”

The Golden Coast

After a few days of chilling in San Francisco and Seaside we decided it was time to move on down the coast to Southern California. As it was a Sunday there was no real rush in the morning and we decided to spend our last few hours with our host, Emily. What better way toContinue reading “The Golden Coast”

Viva Las Vegas

I have found that the weekday posts can be somewhat lacking for material. This is primarily due to the fact that we are pretty occupied from 5am to just past noon is occupied with the mundane activities that are associated with school and work. There is only so much I can say about our endlessContinue reading “Viva Las Vegas”

The Wild West

We left the Sand Dunes early on Saturday with hopes of making an old silver train in Durango at noon. We called ahead and they had seven seats on the train, but they let us know that trailer parking was going to be a problem. They gave us a spot to drop the trailer andContinue reading “The Wild West”


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